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What is Indigo Dyeing?

Aizome is a dyeing technique using the plant dye indigo. Indigo is said to have an insect repellent effect because it contains ingredients that insects dislike. Not only that, indigo is also thought to have deodorizing effects, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and prevent ultraviolet rays.

The component “triptansulin” contained in indigo has strong antibacterial effects, and research has shown that it can be expected to be effective in treating atopic dermatitis. Because it is gentle to the skin, even people with dermatitis and other skin problems can wear it with peace of mind.

What is Akane Dyeing?

Akane dyeing is a type of herb dyeing that uses the roots of a perennial plant called akane. Akane is characterized by a red color with a slight yellowish tinge rather than red, the red color of an evening sky.

Akane has long been used as a medicinal herb and is expected to purify blood, retain heat, and revitalize the body.

It was also believed to be useful as a prophylactic for menstruation and to stop bleeding, both of which are unique to women.