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 Indigo dyeing varies from craftsman to craftsman in terms of methods and raw materials. Therefore, each indigo dyeing process has its own unique qualities, and unlike mass production by machine, no two pieces are the same.

 In addition to our original brand “ASAHI”, we also carry brands of artisans from neighboring prefectures for purchase so that you can see the work of various artisans.

Please feel the craftsmanship and passion of each artisan.

Hand Dyeing Shop ASAHI / Asahi

 My ancestors ran an indigo dyeing shop called “Kadojin” since the Edo period. Inheriting our ancestor’s wishes, we hand-dye each piece to make it more accessible so that the culture of “dyeing” will be revitalized and permeate the world again.

The brand name comes from Japan, where “hemp” has been a part of daily life since ancient times, and from “hemp day” every day.

Ishida Dyeing Studio

 We insist on dyeing each piece by hand, using the scumo from Date City, Hokkaido. We aim to create pieces that can be worn and used in daily life and enjoyed. Fabric dyeing and product dyeing are, of course, done from the thread, and hand-woven fabrics are woven and produced.

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